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Please fill in the form below to add a sweepstakes to our site. Your submission will be automatically added and then reviewed within 48 hours for final approval. Do not add links to sites that are not legitimate sweepstakes or they will be removed and your IP address will be blocked.

If you are the sponsor of the sweepstakes, we would appreciate a reciprocal link from your site to ours and please include the URL below. Please click here to choose a link.

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In order to be approved, the sweepstakes submission must be valid, which is defined as follows:

  1. The sweepstakes must not already be posted in our directory.
  2. The sweepstakes must have an online entry form.
  3. The sweepstakes must have an end date and run for less than a year.
  4. Entry must include all details and correct links.
  5. Sweepstakes must have a clearly stated rules page.

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Our sweepstakes directory features hundreds of sweepstakes that you can enter for chances to win cash and prizes from prize sponsors all over the world. Check back every day for more sweepstakes and more chances to win!

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Facebook Sweepstakes and Mobile Sweepstakes and Contests are very popular right now. By including entry methods such as scannable QR codes, SMS text messaging and Facebook "like" to reveal entry forms in addition to traditional methods for entering sweepstakes, marketers have started a whole new wave of sweepstaking!

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