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Amazon Giveaway

$100.00 Amazon Gift Card
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Samsung Giveaway

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Black 16GB 10.1" Tablet
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Eco-Friendly Blue Dot Robot Games & Puzzles Giveaway

Eco-friendly Jigsaw puzzle set (ages 6 and up)
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Fight Like A Girl Giveaway Event

Set of Moodstruck Precision Lip Liners in choice of color (RV $36.00)
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Win $1000 Towards Your Student Loan Debt!
The prize to be awarded to the winner of the sweepstakes is a single cash prize in the amount of $1,000 (the "Prize"). Winner will receive a check issued to winner's legal name in the amount of $1,000.00 USD within two (2) weeks.
$1000 Cash For Student Loans

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Facebook Sweepstakes and Mobile Sweepstakes and Contests are very popular right now. By including entry methods such as scannable QR codes, SMS text messaging and Facebook "like" to reveal entry forms in addition to traditional methods for entering sweepstakes, marketers have started a whole new wave of sweepstaking!

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